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Minister of Defence Luik: the commitment of reservists is inspiring

7. May 2018 - 7:59
Minister of Defence Luik: the commitment of reservists is inspiring
Minister of Defence Luik: the commitment of reservists is inspiring

Minister of Defence Jüri Luik and Commander of the Defence Forces General Riho Terras reviewed the service of reservists in the Signals and Headquarters Battalion and thanked them for their contribution to strengthening Estonia’s national defence.

‘Estonia’s military defence is strong, since our reservists possess excellent training, the best possible equipment and a high level of commitment,’ said Minister of Defence Luik. ‘I saw enthusiasm and commitment in the eyes of the reservists, who are giving their best to defend Estonia. The motivation of reservists was inspiring,’ said Luik.

‘I would like to thank all of the reservists and members of the Defence League district who have already begun serving in the large-scale training exercise Siil 2018 and those who have yet to enter service. The participation and contribution of each combatant is important, in order to ensure that we obtain confirmation of our strength,' said the Minister of Defence. ‘I would also like to thank the families and employers of reservists for their understanding, whose positive attitude provides support to those serving,' said Luik.

The leadership of the Signals and Headquarters Battalion, comprised of two companies of reservists, began their service on 30 April, with the regular staff of the unit assembling on 2 May.

Over the first few days, the units will be refreshing their skills, recalling subunit tactics and actions, as well as the use of specialised equipment and weapons.

Units from the Signals and Headquarters Battalion will ensure the operation of Defence Forces command posts on the terrain during the course of Siil 2018.

The reservist training for communications personnel will end on 12 May.

A total of 15,000 servicemen, members of the Defence League, Naiskodukaitse, police officials, rescue workers and military personnel from our Allies and partner countries will be practising the broad-based functioning of national defence within the framework of the large-scale training exercise Siil 2018.

The main goal of the training exercise is to practice the functioning of territorial defence in conventional as well as unconventional warfare environments. This year's exercise will encompass all of Estonia and in the end will focus on combat taking place in Southeast Estonia and Northern Latvia.

The exercise is divided into three stages, with units participating in the first training exercise, taking place from 2–4 May, attaining combat readiness; during the second phase, lasting from 4–7 May, the learning of unit cooperation will take place; and during the third stage, taking place from 8–12 May, combat exercises will take place. Servicemen from 19 Allies and partner countries will be participating in Siil 2018, along with representatives from five NATO structural units.

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