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Minister of Defence Luik met with the President of Afghanistan

11. October 2018 - 10:11

Minister of Defence Jüri Luik met on Wednesday, in Kabul, with the President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, with whom he discussed the Afghan peace process.

President Ghani first thanked Minister of Defence Luik and the Estonian service men for their contribution to the NATO-led training and advisory mission Resolute Support.

President Ghani said that the peace negotiations with the Taliban require further contributions, but noted that the spring ceasefire period show that they are on the right road.

Jüri Luik recognised the successful steps that President Ghani has taken during the peace talks and also cited the spring ceasefire period. ‘For the first time in the history of the conflict there are serious peace negotiations taking place with the Taliban,’ said Minister Luik.

‘Afghanistan has taken some important steps in the direction of achieving democratic processes and stability. The next test facing the country on this road is in the second half of October, when parliamentary elections will be held,’ said Minister of Defence Luik.

At the meeting Luik said that we recognise Afghanistan's actions in the name of achieving stability within its borders. ‘The task that we and our allies have been given is to support the Afghan-led peace process by ensuring training and advice,' stated the Minister of Defence.

At their meeting, President Ghani and Minister of Defence Luik also discussed cyber cooperation between the two countries. The President expressed his wish that Estonia would share its experience in the field of e-governance and cyber defence.

Yesterday, Jüri Luik met with Tariq Shah Bahrami, Afghanistan's Minister of Defence.

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The Ministry of Defence is preparing a draft, with which conscript’s child allowance will rise to EUR 300 per month starting in 2019.

The child allowance is paid in addition to the conscript’s monthly support, which is between EUR 100 and EUR 200 per month, depending on the duration of service. Thus far, conscript’s child allowance had been EUR 50 per month.