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Minister of Defence thanks General Terras

4. December 2018 - 16:36
Minister of Defence thanks General Terras
Minister of Defence thanks General Terras

Today, a change in the position of Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces will be taking place, with Major General Martin Herem taking over the duty of protecting the flag of the Republic from General Riho Terras. A festive ceremony will be held at the Ministry of Defence, to thank General Terras for his service.

‘General Terras is a well-educated, broad-minded leader, who believed that the development of fully trained, armed and equipped units, who were tested at reservist trainings and able to react quickly, was important. The development of the Defence Forces into its current state, one that offers a feeling of security, has required determination and extensive personal experience from the Commander of the Defence Forces, starting with the realities of infrastructure development and extending to the finesse of strategic planning, in addition to the nerve of a diplomat in sensitive international relations. Under the leadership of Terras, cooperation with our allies reached an entirely new level of quality. The arrival of allied forces in Estonia and their integration with Estonian units took place, which is a key element in NATO’s deterrence posture,' said Minister of Defence Jüri Luik.

The Minister of Defence emphasised that General Terras stressed the importance of cooperation between the Ministry of Defence and the Defence Forces, which allowed for the development of national defence to take place smoothly and according to plan. 'Many thanks to General Terras for his service,’ said Luik.

Minister of Defence Luik noted that Major General Martin Herem is a worthy successor to the position of Commander of the Defence Forces. ‘I am pleased that we are not faced with a fundamental change in direction. General Terras and Major General Herem have served for years together as a team, their efforts have shared a common goal. Therefore, I am certain that the development of the Defence Forces – in terms of the development of independent defence as well as cooperation with our allies – will continue to be good. I wish Major General Herem strength in service,’ said Minister of Defence Luik.

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