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Ministry of Defence invites entrepreneurs to participate in a new project to develop defence capability technology

11. October 2017 - 14:02
Ministry of Defence invites entrepreneurs to participate in a new project to develop defence capability technology

The Centre for Applied Studies at the Estonian National Defence College is introducing the new research and development project at the Ministry of Defence, and is awaiting feedback from entrepreneurs regarding content and feasibility.

The new Defence Force’s project Unmanned Systems for Raising the Combat Capability of a Tactical Level Unit is being introduced in order to encourage Estonian defence industry companies to work together and form broad based consortiums.

In order to be a suitable tenderer, the consortium should be comprised of 5 to 7 Estonian universities and companies.

The objective of the information day, taking place on 17 October at the Ministry of Defence, is to find potential participants for the project procurement.

In order to implement the project, the contracting authority is looking to order research and development work from companies and universities as a service, and to rent equipment.

The objective of the one year development project is to raise the competency of Estonia’s Defence Forces when it comes to assessing battlefield capabilities and to increase the technological competence of future officers in the Defence Forces.

During the course of the project a number of field trials will be conducted, which will explore how the use of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) impacts the combat capability of a tactical level unit.

At the same time, tests will be used to determine how UGVs and UAVs should be used to perform transport, intelligence and firepower related assignments, i.e. what the technical parameters of the corresponding unmanned vehicles must be.

In addition, there will be an analysis of possible solutions for ensuring the secure transmission of data and cyber defence.

During the information day, taking place from 12.30 to 14.00 next Tuesday, there will also be a brief introduction to the European Defence Fund's research and development project and the potential opportunity to take part in it.

Please let Eneli Saabas know of your intention to participate by Friday, 13 October: eneli.saabas[at]kaitseministeerium[dot]ee, 717 0223, 59124712.