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Ministry of Defence invites master’s students to participate in scholarship competition

7. August 2018 - 13:01
Ministry of Defence invites master’s students to participate in scholarship competition
Ministry of Defence invites master’s students to participate in scholarship competition

With the goal of involving future potential young researchers in defence related research, the Ministry of Defence is organising a Master’s thesis competition with which it will award eight scholarships in the amount of EUR 4250.

Participants in the scholarship competition may choose from among 16 topics for a master’s thesis, which have been selected by the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Forces, the International Centre for Defence and Security, the Estonian National Defence College and the Estonian War Museum.

The topics were selected based on actuality, the needs generated by capability development, and feasibility for the master's student. Research may include the securing of the rear during the War of Independence, recycling of the individual equipment of servicemen for the purposes of a circular economy, or the development of Estonia’s national defence education model and system based on a broad approach to national defence.

According to Ivar Janson, Director of the Field of Innovation within the Defence Investments Department at the Ministry of Defence, the scholarship competition creates an excellent opportunity to develop research in national defence.

‘The field of defence has, through the ages, been the driving force behind innovation, but at the same time there is always the threat of becoming encapsulated and separated from the rest of the world's developments.  The scholarship competition allows us to bring an outside perspective and new people into this often closed system,' said Janson.

‘The goal of the scholarship is to motivate master’s students interested in defence related topics to apply their acquired knowledge. By doing so they can provide an important service to Estonia's security,’ said Janson.

He added that the master’s theses being completed allow for a better understanding of complex problems, smart decisions to be made and innovative solutions to be found for identified trouble spots.

The evaluation committee determines scholarship recipients based on the criteria for assessing scholarships, such as the expected contribution and importance of the results of their master's thesis to the development of Estonia's defence capability, the level and relevance of the plan, and the expected academic level and innovativeness.

The competition is open to all of Estonia's public universities – excluding the Estonian National Defence College – and institutions of professional higher education or Estonian citizens who are Master’s students studying at universities abroad.

To apply for the scholarship one must send their choice of topic and a motivation letter, along with other necessary documents, to the Ministry of Defence at the address stipendiumid[at]kaitseministeerium[dot]ee, by 14 October of the current year.

Additional information:

Winners of the scholarship competition will be announced in November 2018.

Further information: press[at]kaitseministeerium[dot]ee