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Tapa Rural Municipality and the Ministry of Defence working together

3. July 2018 - 0:00
Tapa Rural Municipality and the Ministry of Defence working together
Tapa Rural Municipality and the Ministry of Defence working together

Today, Tapa Rural Municipality Mayor Alari Kirt and Minister of Defence Jüri Luik signed an agreement of good intentions, which confirms that cooperation will continue in the development of infrastructure projects that are important to both parties.

Minister of Defence Jüri Luik said that long-term mutually respectful cooperation with Tapa Rural Municipality has ensured that the armed forces campus has been able to develop in accordance with national defence needs and that Tapa has acquired rehabilitated infrastructure and hopefully also tax revenue.

‘Among our Allies, Tapa has become known as Estonia's defence capital, and the Tapa armed forces campus has become the largest Defence Forces base,’ said Minister of Defence Luik. ‘It is important to us that the Tapa community also be included in this growth.’

In accordance with the agreement, the Rural Municipality and the Ministry are working together to develop ways in which to alleviate the impact coming from Defence Forces infrastructure. To allow for the proactive resolution of infrastructure related questions the Parties inform each other of activities that may affect residents of the Rural Municipality, who are living in close proximity to Defence Forces infrastructure, or the use of Defence Forces infrastructure.

According to the agreement, the Ministry supports, within the limits of its abilities, projects that follow the common interests of the Rural Municipality and support national defence. Tapa Rural Municipality supports national defence activity involving the construction of national defence infrastructure on the territory of the Rural Municipality, by providing the lawful, quick and professional processing of necessary plans and permits.

This year, the Ministry of Defence is supporting Tapa Rural Municipality in road planning for the Läpi-Ojaküla Road and the restoration of the pavement on Karja Street. Last year, with the help of the Ministry, two large projects were reconditioned, as a result of which a network of pavement and cycle and pedestrian track were reconditioned and built between the centre of the armed forces campus and the railway station.

In previous years the Ministry of Defence has supported the reconstruction of a number of streets in Tapa and the renewal of sections of railway belonging to the Rural Municipality. The Tapa armed forces campus has also joined the city’s centralised heat network, which has reduced heating prices for local residents.

In total, the Ministry of Defence has provided nearly EUR 2 million in support to infrastructure projects in Tapa Rural Municipality.

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