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Victims of the World War II were remembered at Charles’ Church

8. May 2019 - 16:38

Victims of the World War II and the victims of repressions and crimes committed by occupation forces were remembered in Charles’ Church today in Tallinn.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Defence Jüri Luik said that the frameworks regulating the coexistence of nations today are built upon the ruins of the World War II and the price paid by the victims of that war. The Minister of Defence emphasised that in order to keep the peace, efforts must be made today, since aggressiveness and expansionism have not disappeared from the world.

‘We know from recent history that sovereign countries in Europe are being attacked, their territory occupied and annexed. This is unacceptable and does not go together with those principles upon which the international system of communication was built following World War II,’ said Minister of Defence Luik.

In his speech, the Minister of Defence said that Estonia is strong and protected when we have good friends and allies, which is the case today, and our task is to do everything within our power to make sure that it remains this way.

‘Remembering the casualties of the World War II and those whose fate was cruelly decided, we are morally obligated to do everything in order to make sure that it never happens again,' said Minister of Defence Luik. ‘We stand together in this obligation, regardless of origin, beliefs and military capability’.

Also speaking at the ceremony were Christoph Eichhorn, German Ambassador to Estonia, as the representative of the diplomatic corps; Tiit Põder, Chairman of the Union of Estonian Freedom Fighters; and Jakob Westholm Upper Secondary School student Maria Elisa Tinnuri.

This morning, chaplains from the Defence Forces laid wreathes on behalf of the Estonian people at the Maarjamäe Memorial to those who took part in defensive battles, on the graves of German soldiers, at the Memorial to Red Army soldiers at Maarjamäe Memorial Square, grave markers for Red Army soldiers at the Defence Forces Cemetery, and the Jewish Cemetery in Rahumäe.

Photos of the ceremony

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