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 Estonian Ministry of Defence launches Cyber Security Training Centre
08.04.2019|Ministry of Defence

Estonian Ministry of Defence launches Cyber Security Training Centre

Today, Cyber Security Exercises and Training Centre CR14 started its operations in Estonia.  The Centre will operate under the Ministry of Defence and serve the needs of the Estonian Defence Forces and NATO´s Cyber Range as well as Allies and Partners. At the opening of the Cyber Security...
08.04.2019|Ministry of Defence

Permanent Secretary Prikk in Warsaw: Defence cooperation between countries in NATO’s eastern wing deepens

On 4-5 April, a meeting of Defence Ministers from NATO’s eastern wing, or B9 countries, took place, in Warsaw, hosted by Polish President Andrzej Duda and Polish Minister of Defence Mariusz Blaszczak. ‘Estonia and the other countries located on NATO's eastern wing are all in agreement that there...
King of Belgian´s meets with troops serving at Tapa
02.04.2019|Ministry of Defence

King of Belgians meets with troops serving at Tapa

Tuesday, Philippe, the King of the Belgians visited troops serving with the NATO Battle Group at Tapa to thank them for their service and to receive an overview of the units’ activities in Estonia. The King was accompanied on his visit to Tapa by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence Didier...
15.03.2019|Ministry of Defence

Commander of NATO units serving in Estonia awarded mission medal

Servicemen from the United Kingdom, who are serving in Estonia within the framework of the presence of NATO, received mission medals at the ceremony held at the Ministry of Defence. Among others, a mission medal was presented to Colonel Giles Harris, Commander of the eFP Command in Estonia, who has...
Record number of active service members in Estonian Defence Forces
14.03.2019|Ministry of Defence

Record number of active service members in Estonian Defence Forces

The Government of the Republic received an overview of the report on military service today, according to which there was a record increase in the number of active servicemen last year and a abrupt decline in the percentage of those who interrupted their military service. According to Minister of...
11.03.2019|Ministry of Defence

Headquarters Multinational Division North inaugurated in Latvia

Friday, Ministers of Defence from Estonia, Latvia and Denmark inaugurated Headquarters Multinational Division North, located at the Ādaži military camp, in Latvia. The purpose of Headquarters Multinational Division North is to enhance the defens capability of the region and connect the region’s...
Kaitseminister Jüri Luik tänas peagi Eestis teenistust lõpetavaid Yorkshire´i rügemendi sõdureid
22.02.2019|Ministry of Defence

Nearly 600 UK troops awarded for their service in Estonia

This week, nearly 600 troops from the Yorkshire Regiment, currently serving with the NATO enhanced Forward Presence in Estonia, received mission medals from the Minister of Defence Jüri Luik and Commander of the Defence Forces Major General Martin Herem, for their excellent service with the eFP...
21.02.2019|Ministry of Defence

Estonia concludes its investigation of AMRAAM air-to-air missile incident last year

Estonia has concluded its investigation of the AMRAAM air-to-air missile launched by the Spanish NATO Baltic Air Policing aircraft August 7, 2018 in the course of the air exercise in Estonia´s air space. The investigation found that the missile was accidentally fired as a result of the pilot´s...
Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel meeting with the Belgian unit of the NATO Battle Group currently stationed in Estonia
21.02.2019|Ministry of Defence

Belgian Prime Minister meets with his troops serving in Estonia

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel arrived in Estonia today for a visit, meeting at the Defence Forces central training area with the Belgian unit of the NATO Battle Group currently stationed in Estonia. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Estonian Minister of Defence Jüri Luik. According to...
20.02.2019|Ministry of Defence

Minister of Defence thanked volunteer contributors to national defence

This year, volunteers, who dedicated themselves to educating youth on the topic of national defence, as well as national defence instructors and instructors from the Defence League and its youth organisations, earned the gratitude of the Ministry of Defence. In his thank you speech to the...