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Conscripts and reservists will begin receiving documents electronically

5. February 2021 - 9:55
Conscripts and reservists will begin receiving documents electronically.
Conscripts and reservists will begin receiving documents electronically.

Yesterday the Estonian government approved a bill for the electronic transmission of documents to conscripts and reservists.

Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet noted that the reason for the change lies in the need to improve the efficiency of inviting individuals to the military service and to exercises.

‘Given that the internet is part of everyday life nowadays, it makes the delivery of necessary documents electronically the best solution,’ said Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet.

‘Due to a change of residence and outdated addresses or the unwillingness to acknowledge receiving the documents and the corresponding military obligations, it is difficult to deliver thousands of invitations every year. Each year, almost one quarter of those invited to reservist military exercises, do not receive their invitation,’ Laanet noted.

With the change, notices to persons liable for conscript service or reservist exercises will be sent to the national mail box address isikukood[at]eesti[dot]ee and the notice will be deemed to have been received after 30 days.

‘According to studies, this is also the preferred channel of communication by those who are due to start their military service or reservist exercises ,’ said Laanet.

According to Laanet, notices and documents will be sent to the portal starting now. The national e-mail address can be linked to a personal address and an SMS notification can be ordered for incoming mail.

He added that the Ministry of Defence is planning an information campaign, as a result of which the main target group, i.e. young people aged 16-27, will be informed about where and how to view documents sent electronically by the Defence Forces.

Minister of Defence Laanet specified that, by way of exception, the possibility of sending via post will also remain valid if it is the only way to deliver the document to the addressee.

Also, the paper form notification shall remain valid upon establishing first contact with a person liable to national defence obligation, i.e. when a male citizen reaches the age of 17 and his data is added to the pool of conscripts. The Defence Resources Board will then notify the individual eligible for military service by a physical letter to the address marked in the population registry.

People between the ages of 17 to 60 years old are required to complete their military service or an alternative non-military focused national service and are obliged to participate in future reservist exercises.

The following documents will be transmitted to citizens electronically:
• notification that the individual has been registered as eligible for military service;
• invitations to appear before the Medical Commission;
• exemption from military service;
• decisions to grant an extension;
• Complaints;
• Invitations to reservist training;
• wartime position notices.

Additional information: press[at]kaitseministeerium[dot]ee