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Danish troops serving at Tapa receive mission medals

16. January 2019 - 11:46
Danish troops serving at Tapa receive mission medals
Danish troops serving at Tapa receive mission medals

Tuesday, during a formal ceremony held at the Tapa military base, Minister of Defence of Estonia Jüri Luik and Deputy Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces Major General Indrek Sirel presented medals for participation in international operations to soldiers from the Danish contingent of the NATO Battle Group.

Minister of Defence Jüri Luik thanked the Danish contingent for their service in Estonia and emphasised that volunteers from Denmark already played a significant role during the War of Independence. A Danish volunteer company of 189 men participated in War of Independence battles starting from April 4, 1919.

The Minister of Defence hoped that the service by the Danes with the NATO Battle Group met all of their expectations in terms of training, while also helping to establish necessary contacts and obtain an understanding of the terrain and the people living here. ‘These are all a part of truly integrated defence,' Luik said, according to whom the service by the Danes at Tapa has been highly regarded. We definitely await your return to Estonia, Luik said.

Nearly 200 Danish Allied soldiers were awarded a medal in recognition of their exemplary service and outstanding cooperation as members of the Battle Group.

Danish Ambassador to Estonia Kristina Miskowiak Beckvard also took part in the ceremony.

The 1200 member NATO Battle Group, which is currently comprised of British and Danish soldiers, started their service in April of 2017, while the Danes joined in 2018. The NATO Battle Group is part of the 1st Infantry Brigade. This week, the Danish soldiers will be handing over their service to the Belgian troops.