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Holiday Greetings by Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur

23. December 2022 - 9:28
Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur
Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur

Dear fellow Estonians, dear friends, defenders of Estonia!

It is Christmastime, a time of peace. Although war is raging in Ukraine and Ukrainians are defending themselves against the Russian attack. In Estonia all is peaceful and safe.

Nevertheless, to strengthen our security, this year we have entered into unprecedented agreements with the United Kingdom, as well as NATO’s biggest military power – the United States. We have also our good friends from France, Denmark, Germany and Iceland protecting our freedom. Their help is invaluable in deterring our eastern neighbour Russia. Our Allies have shown resolve and real commitment – decisions made at the NATO Madrid Summit have been followed up with deeds in order to defend every inch of Allied territory. Thank you to all our Allies!

As I said, Ukraine is fighting for its freedom, but also for the values that we share with our Allies – freedom, rule of law and human rights. We must not only continue our support to Ukraine but also increase it, especially by sending weapons and equipment. Ukraine must win, Russia must be pushed out, and the Russian war criminals must face justice. No peace can be reached before these goals are achieved.

Estonia is a small country, but we are doing as much as we can. The readiness of our people to defend our country has risen significantly. We are increasing the size of our territorial defence forces. Our units are better armoured and their firepower is greater. We have made huge leaps forward in restocking ammunition. In 2024, over 3% of our GDP will go towards defence spending. 

Let's admit it, the security situation around the world is tenser than it has been for decades. But I can assure you all – today Estonia is defended better than ever.

Thank you all for making Estonia a safer place!

Happy holidays to all of us and Happy New Year!

Hanno Pevkur