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Minister of Defence Luik sets Finland’s Emergency Supply Agency as an example for Estonia

11. June 2020 - 16:18

Minister of Defence Luik yesterday visited Finland’s Emergency Supply Agency, in order to learn about the Finnish procedures and plans to ensure the availability of emergency supplies across the country in the event of crisis. The Minister of Defence also met with General Timo Kivinen, Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, and visited the Finnish Military Academy, on the island of Santahamina.

Estonia is also planning to establish an emergency response agency and the Finnish agency is serving as an example. The head of Finland’s Emergency Supply Agency provided a comprehensive overview of how stockpiling is organised in Finland, while pointing out that whilst stockpiling is essential, secure supply chains and pre-prepared production capacity must also be ensured in order to replenish stockpiles as quickly as possible in a crisis.

‘Today’s meeting at Finland’s Emergency Supply Agency was of vital importance, and much of Finland’s experiences could be implemented in Estonia. There are also similarities between the work of the Finnish Emergency Supply Agency and the work of the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments, under the purview of the Ministry of Defence. The examples set by these two agencies are definitely worth following when establishing an Estonian Emergency Supply Agency,’ said Luik after the meeting.

One of the lessons learned from the virus outbreak has been the availability of supplies across the country, in particular personal protective equipment, and the ability to rapidly produce and procure them based on solid supply chains. Consequently, the government is discussing a proposal to establish an Emergency Supply Agency in Estonia, the task of which would be to produce and procure critical equipment and resources and to secure supply chains.

Regional security and bilateral defence co-operation was also discussed with the Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces. At the Finnish Military Academy, the Minister visited a staff training exercise of the Academy's cadets and met with Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Kalnitski, an Estonian officer studying at the Academy.

Further information: press[at]kaitseministeerium[dot]ee