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Ministry of Defence recognised the authors of national defence research

19. December 2019 - 12:39
Ministry of Defence recognised the authors of national defence research
Ministry of Defence recognised the authors of national defence research

This year, the Ministry of Defence is supporting research of topics that are important to Estonia's national defence by awarding grants in the amount of EUR 4250 to eight Master’s students studying at Estonia’s public universities.

Grant applicants were able to choose from among five different thematic categories – cryptography, situational awareness, record keeping for defence-related material, defence-related infrastructure planning and administration, and counter-drone systems.

The most popular fields of research proved to be situational awareness and counter-drone systems.

According to Kaire Talves, Head of Research at the Ministry of Defence, the goal of the competition is to generate growth in research on national defence topics.

‘Research by the selected grant recipients from Estonian universities, such as TalTech, the University of Tartu and the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, brings important new knowledge to the different facets of the field of national defence. Many of these works are practical applications, which contribute to the development of existing or new important technologies from the perspective of national defence,’ noted Talves.

The evaluation committee took into consideration the expected contribution and importance of the plans of Master's theses to the development of Estonia's defence capability, the level and relevance of the plan, and the expected academic level and innovativeness of the work.

This year’s scholarship recipients:

  • Haldo-Rait Harro (Master’s thesis on the topic Awareness of the State of Electronic Warfare in the Defence Forces of Estonia);
  • Rein Jaks (Master’s thesis on the topic Detection of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Software Radio);
  • Jüri Gramann (Master’s thesis on the topic Simultaneous Detection and Control of Drones Using Full Duplex Radio);
  • Kaarel Allemann (Master’s thesis on the topic Design and Implementation of a Modular Application Programming Interface for Defence and Situational Awareness Software);
  • Kadri Paas (Master’s thesis on the topic Opportunities for Estonia's National Strategic Communication to Involve Message Communicators in the Information War);
  • Siim Eensoo (Master’s thesis on the topic The Use of Seismic Data in Intelligence);
  • Valdur Tammets (Master’s thesis on the topic Creating a Tactical Wireless Network Planning Application Based on the Example of ESTTACS);
  • Raimond Pääru (Master’s thesis on the topic Solutions for Detecting, Identifying, Tracking and Affecting Drones).

The Ministry of Defence is supporting the research of Master’s students for the fourth year in its current form, although Masters and Doctoral students with visionary ideas have been supported in the past. Many of the Master’s theses completed during the course of previous competitions have already found application within the Ministry of Defence and its agencies.

The results of this year’s competition are available from the website of the Ministry of Defence:

Additional information: press[at]kaitseministeerium[dot]ee