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Ministry of Defence supports seven Estonian defence industry undertakings

18. December 2018 - 15:00
Ministry of Defence supports seven Estonian defence industry undertakings
Ministry of Defence supports seven Estonian defence industry undertakings

The Ministry of Defence is providing nearly EUR 500,000 in support to seven Estonian companies involved in the development of armaments and explosives, which took part in this year’s defence industry development project competition.

Minister of Defence Luik noted that the measure is part of the wish of the Ministry of Defence to develop the production of armaments and ammunition within Estonia.

‘The opportunity for such production is provided by the important amendment to the Weapons Act, which entered into force on 1 July of this year, which permitted Estonian defence industry undertakings to handle military weapons, ammunition and ordnance for the first time’, said Luik.

The projects receiving support are:
• Threod Systems OÜ/Eesti Arsenal OÜ “Multi-purpose Loitering Munition (MPLM)”.
• Nordic Armoury OÜ “76mm Training Smoke Round”
• Eesti Arsenal OÜ “Anti-UAV missile autopilot and computer vision system”
• Krattworks OÜ “Smart mine trigger system development”
• Nord Arms OÜ “Development of High Quality High Performance Semi-Automatic and Full-Automatic 9mm Pistol Calibre Carbine (PCC) Rifles calibre 9x19Parabellum”
• Penhouse Studio OÜ “Mine clearance training device development for both military and peacekeeping operations"
• Asymmetric Systems OÜ “Mined tank obstacle for infantry squads”

Minister of Defence Luik stated that the other goal of the competition was to act as a catalyst for the development of Estonia's defence industry undertakings. ‘Estonia’s defence industry undertakings have proven themselves to be fast-growing and able to compete', noted Luik.

He added that the development of the local defence industry is particularly important in terms of national defence, but also serves to enliven our economy by strengthening our export capacity. 

Development projects are receiving a total of EUR 437,503 in support. The amount of support from the Ministry of Defence for a single development project accounts for 25-45% of the project’s total costs, with the volume of support depending on the potential of the supported company’s development project.

Ten applications in the total amount of EUR 1.6 million were submitted to this year's competition. The Defence Forces offers competition winners military expertise in the testing and development of products.

A boost to the sector for finding new solutions was also given by this year’s Defence Makeathon, Estonia’s first defence-oriented hackathon. Two teams that participated in the defence-oriented hackathon also participated in and received support from the development project competition.

Additional information about the competition:

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