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NATO Cyber ​​Pledge 2021: speech by Kalle Laanet, Minister of Defence

15. April 2021 - 19:00
Kalle Laanet
Kalle Laanet

Deputy Secretary General, Prime Minister, Excellences,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the third NATO Cyber Defence Pledge conference.

The last year has been remarkable in many ways. It has been more demanding than usual. It has made us adapt to the new circumstances. We have changed our way of working and the way we live our daily lives. I am pleased to say that we have done our best to adapt. This has made it possible to come together in this virtual format.

This NATO Cyber Defence Pledge Conference “Entering a New Decade” provides a forward-looking approach on how to face the expanding cyber threat landscape, in an era of rapid technological change.

We have invited representatives from governments, various NATO bodies and the industry to join us today. I hope that the upcoming discussions will facilitate achieving the key objectives of the NATO Cyber Defence Pledge.

The Alliance is being constantly tested in cyberspace. Each one of us needs to ensure that we have the right capabilities to both prevent and reduce the impact of any cyber incident. These efforts need to be reviewed regularly.

Meeting the Cyber Defence Pledge objectives is a continuous process that Estonia is fully committed to.

At the beginning of this year, we established the Foundation CR14. Its core capability is to host the Cyber Range, which is the platform for the exercise Locked Shields that is taking place this week. The foundation is also dedicated to research and development of emerging technologies. All of this allows us to ensure that we have the skills and capabilities to adjust with the changing threat landscape. The CR14 is not only serving Estonian domestic needs. It constitutes a part of the international ecosystem of cyber defence that we share with our Allies.

It complements the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and the NATO Cyber Range we are proud to host. Information-sharing on cyber issues is often most talked about, yet perhaps not the easiest concept. However, we should find ways to share lessons we identify and best practices in implementing them.

Learning from each other is a key component for more secure cyberspace within the Alliance. The Cyber Defence Pledge conference is one of the ways for improving our information-sharing culture. Especially while we have representatives joining us from different sectors across the Alliance.

I encourage you to actively engage throughout the conference and hope that these discussions will continue even after today.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am honoured to announce that the NATO Cyber pledge Conference 2021 is now open!