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New national defence textbook is intended for everyone

12. September 2019 - 10:50
New national defence textbook is intended for everyone
New national defence textbook is intended for everyone

The new national defence textbook – which is meant for people who have an interest in and desire to learn more about national defence, and to participate in it – was introduced at the Ministry of Defence.

According to one of the authors of the textbook, Commander of the Defence Forces Major General Martin Herem, an important theme found throughout the textbook is the readiness of the reserve army.

‘Participation in short-notice additional training exercises confirms that the reserve army model is the best solution for Estonia, taking into consideration both human and economic resources,’ noted Herem.

He added that Estonia is the only European country in which additional training exercises are successfully held, made possible by the strong level of public support.

‘Those days are long-gone when a soldier was sent to the front with a rifle and a pair of boots, today we are talking about fully equipped units,’ stated Herem.
For the first time the textbook also includes a chapter on emergency situations and crisis regulation in Estonia.

According to Jaanus Otsla, Director of the Rescue and Crisis Regulation Department within the Ministry of Defence, in today's world the line has blurred between crisis situations, for example, the actions of a terrorist group or mass unrest, and military attacks.

‘During the first stage of a crisis, it is often difficult to understand exactly what type of crisis is taking place. Therefore, we must approach the manner in which preparations for civil as well as military crises take place together, with a broader view' noted Otsla.

National Defence Instructor Sergeant Major  Renzo Rajaste has said that national defence instruction in upper secondary schools and vocational educational institutions prepares young people for participation in national defence.

‘National defence is an elective for everyone, both young men and women; it helps to quell fears concerning conscript service, while also helping young people to plan for the future. For example, where to enter service or when,’ said Rajaste.

He added that the textbook links together practical knowledge, for example, about first aid, topography, basic survival skills, the functioning of the state, military history, and modern-day armed conflicts and crises.

‘Young people receive answers to important questions, such as why it is important to contribute and how they can contribute to national defence and what role our allies plays,’ said Rajaste.

The new national defence textbook is digitally available on the homepage of the Ministry of Defence:

Photos of the presentation:

Additional information: press[at]kaitseministeerium[dot]ee