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Permanent Secretary Prikk recognised Estonian servicemen who have participated in missions

18. June 2019 - 10:26
Kantsler Prikk tunnustas missioonil käinud Eesti kaitseväelasi
Kantsler Prikk tunnustas missioonil käinud Eesti kaitseväelasi

Permanent Secretary Kristjan Prikk from the Ministry of Defence presented medals as thanks to Estonian servicemen who have served in five mission regions as part of six different military operations.

According to Permanent Secretary Prikk, Estonia has a firm understanding of why we are present in various hot spots – this is a question of responsibility and shared values, i.e. being part of a single security space.

‘We have been present and participated in wars where it was necessary, in order to ensure peace and stability,' said Prikk.

The Permanent Secretary noted that it is important for Estonia, along with its allies and friends, to give its best, so that tomorrow for people living in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Syria and the Mediterranean region would be brighter and dignified, and that the safety and security of Estonia’s people would be better preserved.

He added that the professionalism, discipline and general positive attitude of Estonia's servicemen was recognised by everyone with whom they have cooperated.

‘I truly hope that these practical experiences, which you have gathered in your work and service, will be applied properly and with dignity in the further development of our independent defensive capability,’ said the Permanent Secretary.

Prikk also acknowledged the family members and loved ones of servicemen. ‘Without support from home and the knowledge that everything is ok with their family, being away for a long period of time would be a very nerve-wracking and exhausting experience,’ he said.

Estonia has been participating in international operations since 1995. At present, Estonian servicemen are participating in nine missions, with the largest contingent from Estonia participating in the French led mission Barkhane, in Mali.


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