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Pevkur to Israeli Minister of Defence: Estonia will send humanitarian and medical aid to the region

2. November 2023 - 17:02

This morning, the Estonian Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur spoke with his Israeli colleague Yoav Gallant about the situation in the Gaza Strip and the Estonian proposal to send medical and humanitarian aid to the region, in the sum of a quarter million euros.

Minister of Defence Pevkur extended condolences to his colleague for those killed in the terrorist attacks. “In light of the heinous terrorist attacks on 7 October, Israel clearly has the right to defend itself and to ensure the safety of Israel’s inhabitants,” said Pevkur.

“Estonia stands in full solidarity with Israel. In response to the recent request from the Ministry of Defence of Israel, the Government of Estonia has proposed sending medical supplies to Israel. In addition, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will allocate financial support to Palestinians for humanitarian relief,” said the Estonian Minister of Defence.

In the phone call, minister Pevkur also underlined the need for all actions to be in accordance with international law and to avoid civilian casualties, as well as a humanitarian crisis.

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