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Press Release No 57 Estonia will procure a short range air defence system

10. October 2006 - 11:27
The Government of Estonia decided on its today's session to start a procurement for air defence system and invite two world-recognised companies, MDBA Systems and Raytheon Company, to participate in tender.

The goal for this procurement is to equip Estonia with modern and flexible
air defence system, that could also be integrated into combined Allied air
defence system, if needed in NATO context. In addition to missiles and fire
units the procurement  will also encompass command and control network and radars.

The air defence system is designated for army organic air defence for
Estonian Defence Forces\' 1st. Infantry Brigade with its primary mission
being the defence against opponent\'s attack helicopters and fixed wing
aircraft. The system shall additionally be used for point defence of
strategically significant locations such as airports, seaports, government
buildings and for example, significant public events

The equipment produced by MBDA Missile Systems is in use in countries such
as Austria, Belgium, Spain, Cyprus, France, finland and Hungary. The
products of Raytheon Company are in service in Spain, the Netherlands,
Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Germany Switzerland, Danmark, and Lithuania.

The Government\'s decision was preceded by a year and a half long analysis by
the Ministry of Defence, the Joint Staff of the Defence Forces, Air Force,
and Army, which involved a thorough familirisation with different weapon
systems available on the market. The two companies invited to participate in
the tendering are the best suited to meet the requirements of the Estonian
Defence Forces.

The funding for the procurement is planned into 2006-2008 defence budgets.
The procurement will also incorporate an initial training. The delivery of
the weapon systems will commence on years 2007-2008 and the units will be
combat ready by year of 2009.