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Press Release No 62 Austrian defence Minister to visit Estonia

10. October 2006 - 11:27
The Federal Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Austria Günther Platter will arrive tomorrow for a two-day visit in Estonia. The Estonian Minister of Defence Jaak Jõerüüt will welcome the Austrian delegation at the airport together with honour

For Austria, the country to hold presidency of the European Union in 2006, the aim is to introduce its plans and priorities for the forthcoming period and discuss topics in connection with the bilateral defence cooperation as well as that with partner states.
In addition to the above mentioned, the topics will include European security (ESDP) future developments, EU-NATO relationship and operability and international missions.
Platter will meet with the Minister of Defence Jaak Jõerüüt and the Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee Kristiina Ojuland.
Platter will leave Estonia on Thursday.