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Winners of the Hendrik Sepp Prize for Military History were revealed

20. April 2020 - 15:44
Winners of the Hendrik Sepp Prize for Military History were revealed
Winners of the Hendrik Sepp Prize for Military History were revealed

Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum Press Release

Winners of the Hendrik Sepp Prize for Military History were revealed

Reigo Rosenthal and Mart Kuldkepp were awarded the Hendrik Sepp Prize, presented by the Estonian War Museum and the Ministry of Defence, for the best Estonian military history publication of the past year.

The evaluation committee, led by Kaarel Piirimäe, senior researcher at the Estonian War Museum, was unanimous in finding that Reigo Rosenthal’s monograph Kord ja kohus. Eesti sõjaväejuhtkond Vabadussõja-aegses sisepoliitikas, which addresses the role of servicemen in domestic policy during the War of Independence period, was deserving of the book prize.

When selecting the best article prize, Mart Kuldkepp clearly stood out with his article “Eestlased ja ‘eestlase vaenlased’. Survemeetmed baltisakslaste ja nende poolehoidjate vastu Eesti Vabadussõja ajal”, which appeared in the series from the National Archives “Vabadussõja mitu palet. Sõda ja ühiskond aastatel 1918–1920”.
Both of the winning works cover the history of the War of Independence, with this year seeing the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the war.

Committee Chairman Kaarel Piirimäe said that this, in itself, did not affect the selection, although it is a pleasure to see the addition of worthy research from such an important chapter in Estonia’s history.

According to Piirimäe, there were several strong works among the nominees, although the winners ranked above the others. ‘In the case of Rosenthal as well as Kuldkepp, it is worth emphasizing that they are very familiar with the current state of research and their works clearly provide new knowledge to Estonian historical writing', he said, commenting on the selection.

The publications were evaluated by a committee consisting of Tõnu Tannberg, Ago Pajur, Enno Mõts, Kaarel Piirimäe, Priit Raudkivi, Mart Orav, Arto Oll, Peeter Kaasik and Kalev Konso.

Since 2013, the Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum and the Ministry of Defence have been presenting the Hendrik Sepp Prize, to value and recognise in-depth research of Estonian military history. The prize, with a value of up to EUR 3000, may be divided into a book and article prize by a decision of the evaluation committee and is presented to the author or group of authors of an Estonian military history publication that was published during the previous calendar year.

Hendrik Sepp (1888–1943) was a Professor of Estonian and Nordic History at the University of Tartu, an academician, and author of more than 300 history-themed works. His main areas of research were on the period of wars following the Livonian War and the Great Northern War, but he also wrote extensively on economic, cultural and social history. Sepp's most prestigious research work was his doctoral thesis “The Siege and Battle of Narva in 1700”.

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