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Defence Procurement

The defence procurement is organised by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment, whose purpose is to carry out procurement activities through the beginning of professional-quality procurement and to use dedicated funds sparingly and prudently.

Procurement of defence-related equipment, infrastructure costs and investment costs account for more than a third of Estonia's defence budget.


  • Transparency and the best knowhow

    The Centre has accumulated all defence-related procurements into a single organisation which ensures transparency in procurement implementation. Such a division of work brings together all defence- and infrastructure-related knowhow that is becoming increasingly complex.

  • National defence development plan

    Priorities, limits for amounts allocated for procurements and the time of implementation (until 2022) of procurement of defence-related equipment is determined in the national defence development plan. According to the approved plan, the volume of procurement of defence-related equipment is increasing and will reach nearly 200 million euros in 2020.

  • Priorities

    This year's priorities are procurement for infantry fighting vehicles, new long-range anti-tank missile systems and self-propelled guns, as well as replenishing of equipment and supplies of the wartime units of Defence Forces.


E-procurement register

Public procurements in national defence can be found in the register of public procurements. After entering the register, select "Register" from the top menu and then "Search Contract". In the box “Contracting Authority" in the right enter “Estonian Centre for Defence Investments."

E-procurement environment »

Principles of conducting procurements

Centre for Defence Investment concentrates all specialist knowledge and resources on defence-related procurements. This allows for better planning in the field of procurement, to effectively use the entire knowledge and experiences and to achieve the best and more cost-efficient result for both the user and the taxpayer.



Procurement of defence equipment

Large part of ecquipment procurements will help to build up new capabilities and provide equipment for reserve units. In addition to large-scale projects such as long-range anti-tank weapon systems and self-propelled howitzers, also communications equipment, trucks and other vehicles, ammunition, pioneer equipment, night vision devices, equipment for artillery and mortar units are procured.

Maintenance of procured equipment

In addition to procurements, the Centre for Defence Investments also handles the maintenance of procured equipment and weapon systems, as well as the necessary training for the teams.

     Defence budget 2017

Kaitse-eelarve 2012-2022



Key procurement areas in 2017

In 2017 it is planned to conduct approximately 500 procurements in the total amount of EUR 159 million. 

  • Land vehicles
  • Ammunition
  • Land vehicle life cycle (including maintenance, repair, operation assurance)
  • Weapons
  • Naval engineering and life cycle (including maintenance, repair, operation assurance)
  • Communication and IT equipment
  • Wardrobe equipment
  • Simulators
  • Field service equipment including medical equipment, field kitchen tents and staff tents with a heating system; repair tents with a heating system; tents for 3-6 persons
  • Medical equipment
  • Air Force navigation, surveillance and communications systems

Quality of procurement

The Centre of Defence Investment takes all defence procurements under unified management. It ensures that all tenders will meet the highest standards of expertise.




The Centre for Defence Investment is open to cooperation at the international level, both with NATO allies - such as Norway or Denmark - or with the close neighbours Finland and Sweden. In cooperation with Finland, Estonia procured air surveillance radars located on the island of Muhu and on Tõikamäe  in Valga County.

The Centre also cooperates with the NATO Procurement Agency, which allows the Allies to obtain the necessary abilities jointly and with the European Defence Agency. 

NATO Support and Procurement Agency »

European Defence Agency »

  • Expertise from all around the world

    For making procurement smoother and more organised, international co-operation enables experts in the relevant field of expertise and experience from all around the world to be involved in the preparation of procurements.

  • Procurements for the whole area of government of the Ministry of Defence

    Centre for Defence Investments organises procurements for the whole area of government of the Ministry of Defence - in addition to the Defence Forces, also to the Ministry of Defence, Defence League, Defence Resources Agency, Estonian War Museum.

  • Procurement is organised on a uniform basis

    Procurement is organised on a uniform basis, procurement of purchased items and also takes into account the life cycle of systems, ie, the total cost of the system is planned at the same time. Common procurement allows a framework contract to be concluded that gives freedom to the specific procurement volumes according to the need to clarify.



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Last updated: 7 February 2017