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Armed Forces Supporter Award given to 351 employers this year

21. June 2024 - 17:05
Armed Forces Supporter Award given to 351 employers this year
Armed Forces Supporter Award given to 351 employers this year

President Alar Karis, Minister of Defense Hanno Pevkur, Commander of the Defense Forces General Martin Herem, and Commander of the Defense League Major General Ilmar Tamm awarded 113 Estonian companies and organizations with the „Armed Forces Supporter“ silver, gold and special award for their contribution to supporting Estonia's national defense and reservists. In addition nearly 240 companies received a bronze level award, totaling 351 supporters of national defense.

"Reservists make up the bulk of our fighting force and which is constantly growing. Last year, more than 23,000 Estonian men and women participated in reserve training. This is a credible and deterrent force. But the reserve force does not consist only of the reservists themselves; it also needs support from society at large. For our reservists to dedicate themselves to national defense tasks, they must be assured that their work will not pile up and that their family needs will not be neglected," said President Alar Karis.

"Estonia's national security and defense depends on the contribution of the whole society. Entrepreneurs and employers who support reservists deserve recognition in society because their support for reservists helps make Estonia safer. I thank all the companies, institutions, and organizations that understand the importance of supporting reservists and call on all others with reservists among their employees to allow them to participate in reserve training gatherings while maintaining their salaries," said Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur.

According to the law, employers must allow reservists working in their companies to attend training gatherings, but maintaining their income is at the discretion of the companies and organizations.

"Today we see that more than half of the employers continue to pay salaries during training gatherings, which shows high support to our armed forces in society," said Commander of the Defense Forces General Martin Herem. "I am pleased that we can recognize companies supporting national defense today and hope this will also encourage other companies to support reservists," added General Herem.

This year, nearly 400 companies and their contributions to Estonia's national defense were evaluated in the "Armed Forces Supporter" award selection, held for the second time. Companies that maintain their reservists' salaries received bronze level recognition, while those offering additional benefits or discounts to reservists, in addition to maintaining salaries, received silver, gold, and special recognition.

The recipients were selected by a jury comprising representatives from the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Forces, and the Defense League.

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