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Estonia is sending Ukraine 80 million euros worth of aid including Javelin anti-tank missiles, proposes new long-term strategy

14. December 2023 - 11:21
Photo: Ardi Hallismaa (Estonian Defence Forces).

The government cabinet supported Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur’s proposal for long-term military aid to Ukraine and an extensive military aid package for Ukraine in defence against the Russian aggression. The aid includes Javelin anti-tank missiles, vessels, and other much-needed equipment.  


“Just like the Estonian Javelins played a decisive role last year in defence of Kyiv and inspired other countries to lend a helping hand to Ukraine, our aim with this extensive aid package is to show that Ukraine’s fight for freedom can only succeed if Allies continue helping Ukrainians,” said Pevkur. 


In addition to a large quantity of Javelin anti-tank mines, the newest aid package also includes machine guns, ammunition for light weaponry, various vehicles and vessels, as well as diving equipment. The exact amounts are not public for security reasons. The replacement value of the package is nearly 80 million euros.  


“This aid package is compiled with the aim of maximum benefit for Ukraine without harming Estonia’s own defence capability. We are replacing the necessary stocks,” explained Pevkur 


“The Russian regime is betting on the free world giving up their support to Ukraine. In order to break the flawed calculation of the criminal Russian regime, we must send a strategic message: we will continue significant and sustained support to Ukraine until Ukraine has won the war. What’s at stake isn’t only the security of Ukraine, but also Estonian, transatlantic, and global security as a whole,” said the Minister of Defence.  


In addition, the analysts at the Ministry of Defence have compiled a discussion paper for setting up transatlantic security for success. The paper includes calculations to show that to insure a victory for Ukraine and loss for Russia, it is enough for supporters of Ukraine to allocate 0,25% of their GDP to Ukraine per year.  


“Allies have what it takes – Russia spends more than twice on warfighting in Ukraine than the Ramstein coalition, whose combined economies are 30 times those of Russia, does on military aid to Ukraine. Our calculations show that if the free world would be willing to aid Ukraine at a rate of 0,25% of their GDPs per year, it would be enough to break the backbone of Russia, who only understands brute force. This is a small price to pay compared to what the costs will be if the Russian aggression ends up paying off for them,” said Pevkur 


For the next four years, Estonia is ready to allocate 0,25% of its GDP to military aid to Ukraine and will use the defence budget means to finance the aid. “Ukraine is also fighting for us and each war machine destroyed with our help is a step towards reducing the Russian threat towards Europe. Therefore, we must be ready to support Ukraine in the long term and also demonstrate to our Allies that where there is a will, there is a way to help Ukraine,” explained Pevkur 


With the addition of the newest military aid package, since 2022 Estonia has provided Ukraine with military aid in the value of 500 million euros, which amounts to ca 1,4% of the GDP.  


Earlier aid packages from Estonia to Ukraine have included, for example, Javelin anti-tank missile systems, howitzers, artillery ammunition, anti-tank mines, anti-tank mortars, machine guns, vehicles, communications equipment, field hospitals, medical supplies, personal protective gear (helmets, body armour, etc.), and military food rations.  


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