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Press Release No 54 The Ministry of Defence Considering Legal Action against City of Tallinn

10. October 2006 - 11:27
The Estonian Ministry of Defense is considering taking legal action against the City of Tallinn to protect its legal interests.

The Ministry of Defense has ordered an expert opinion survey from engineer Vello Otsmaa and the company TIP Ekspertiis and Ehitus OÜ. The survey  points out  that the wharves of the Tallinn naval port and the whole naval base are facing a real risk of destruction.
The current situation in the naval port is dangerous also for the warships. According to the expert opinion immediate restoration works of the wharves should be started in order to save the naval port from being destroyed completely.
The Ministry of Defense has appealed  to a law office for legal assessment of the City Government action in obstructing restoration work in the naval port.
In case the city has violated the law the Ministry will appeal to court to protect the rights of the state.
The danger of damage to the naval port and the naval ships is substantial. In case of damage caused due to City government’s action the Ministry of  Defense is going to demand the compensation from the City of Tallinn.