Discussion paper

Setting Transatlantic
Defence up for


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Discussion paper on myths and lessons from Russia’s war in Ukraine

National Defence Development Plan 2031

The military part of the National Defence Development Plan 2031 will increase independent defence capabilities and readiness.


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Public opinion on defence issues

Estonians continue to have

a high level of support 

for national defence

and NATO.


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Coronavirus COVID-19

Official information about

coronavirus COVID-19

in Estonia can be found

on the website of the

Estonian Goverment.


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Allied forces in Estonia

Allied forces in Estonia

the security

of Estonia


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Minister of Defence

Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur

Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur


Hanno Pevkur is the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Estonia since July 18, 2022.


The Minister of Defence is responsible for the organisation of national defence in the Republic of Estonia.

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Website introducing Estonia’s defence development

Estonian Ministry of Defence has launched a website introducing the development of national defence since the restoration of independence. According to Minister of Defence Jüri Luik since then the firepower and the willingness to defend has Estonia has seen a significant increase.


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Official gateway to Estonia

Learn important facts and issues about Estonia! Learn more how to visit Estonia, study, invest or trade.

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The digital society

“e-Estonia” is a term commonly used to describe Estonia’s emergence as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world.